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Acara Concepts Wood Fibre Natural Thermal Insulation

April 12, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

Acara Concepts Ltd is one of the leading distributors of wood fibre thermal insulation materials to stockists in the UK and Ireland. With their extensive range of Pavatex wood fibre insulation products that can offer conveniences from thermal resistance, to summer heat protection to breathability, to enhanced acoustic insulation, Acara have been offering their expert advice to companies and home owners alike since their inception in 2007.

As a distributor of eco-friendly and natural insulating products, Acara Concepts pride themselves on their no-nonsense approach to finding you the best European sourced insulation material for your project. They are committed to sustainable building initiatives throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as ensuring that your product is of the highest possible quality, for the fairest price.

Not only are products from Acara Concepts beneficial to the environment, they can also support and sustain health and well-being for the occupants.   Wood fibre insulation is breathable and vapour open, allowing the material to absorb condensation and humidity from the internal atmosphere, but crucially it is also able to release this moisture so that it can evaporate away to the outside.  This means that it is almost impossible for mould and rot to form, protecting the internal environment of the building overall.

Most buildings built prior to 1920 were constructed with solid single-leaf walls which means that any water vapour that these porous walls absorb must be able to pass through the entire wall in both directions so that it can evaporate. These older properties were not airtight so ventilation was usually never a problem!  It is crucial when insulating period properties that vapour-open insulation is used so that the insulation works with the wall, rather than against it.  Pavatex wood fibre is very hygroscopic so it wicks water away from the wall so that it can then evaporate, and this ensures that the wall stays dry and warm and therefore structurally safe.

Acara Concepts provides an extensive range of quality thermal and acoustic insulation products, and are extremely proud of their ‘Fabric First Approach’ to building design which is critical in order to create healthy and low carbon buildings that are comfortable to live and work in. Customers are guaranteed that no Acara products contain any toxins that are harmful to humans or the environment, compared to levels found in many man-made products. Their products are made from trees which store carbon dioxide within them as they grow, and the insulation in turn significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions from the built environment, so they are a carbon negative product.  This contributes to a more comfortable, healthy living environment.

For more information on Pavatex wood fibre throughout Ireland and the UK, or to learn more about its many benefits, head over to http://www.acaraconcepts.com/.