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Changing Reality as We Know It

April 5, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

Double Concentrate has teamed up with an emerging technology Spearhead Interactive to offer interactive solutions to businesses.

Double Concentrate, a digital creative design agency based in the North East, specialise in creative, marketing and branding solutions.

One example of emerging technology is Virtual Reality, otherwise known as VR makes the viewers feel like they are present at the scene and a number of companies are working to make live-action content.

Emerging technology has caught up with what is expected of Virtual Reality and what it has to offer. It seems to be one of the biggest trends in 2016 especially with the fairly new release of the Oculus Rift.

Andy Kilburn, Double Concentrates Creative Director says: “Being on the start of the curve of a new form of communication, we feel we should be involved in this. We hope it will be enable us to have a new form of communication and something which can communicate ideas. For Double Concentrate to communicate to our clients, we can use Virtual Reality to offer virtual meetings. 

We can also present work in a new way. One example or idea that we have is a concept showroom this will comprise of a giant theatre room and give clients an appreciation for scale for advertising such as billboards. We can also get an understanding as how we can use it as tool to appeal to other customers.”

Major companies are beginning to notice the importance of emerging technology, with the release of Tesla model 3 we are beginning to a practical use of technology and the capability it has. Emerging Technology has the potential to revolutionise the marketing industry and give clients a whole new sensory experience. Major emerging technology will help companies to visualise in a new way, whether it be statistics or health and safety, allowing clients to help visualise any potential dangers.

Co-founder Bryn Mooser of RYOT says: “VR is the next platform shift for media, there’s no doubt in my mind. It’s a mobile first technology. With Netflix launching on Oculus soon, we are going to see huge growth in the industry in 2016.”

If you want any more information about what emerging technology can do for your business get in touch with by email and say hello@doubleconcentrate.com or contact us 0191 7188823  if you wish find out more about VR go to our News page, go to http://www.doubleconcentrate.com/blog/virtual-reality-will-go-mainstream/