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Choose NE Toilet Cubicles to supply your Privacy and Executive Cubicles

October 10, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

If you’re looking for a new design for your corporate washroom cubicles, you’ll want them to not only be installed properly but you’ll want them to look great as well. A company’s washroom says a lot about them, so you need to make sure you choose the right provider for your upgrade. NE Toilet Cubicles are leading toilet cubicle suppliers, providing a wide range of designs and products to ensure all their clients are left with the highest standard of washroom. They provide the best commercial toilet cubicles to companies all over the country and once you’ve spoken to their team and seen the impressive range of clients they’ve worked with, you won’t want to choose any other supplier.

As well as providing general commercial toilet cubicles, children’s toilet cubicles and a selection of vanity units, NE Toilet Cubicles specialise in privacy and executive washroom cubicles. These come in a range of colours, styles and finishes to suit the needs of any client. Whether you’re looking for smart and clean looks for executive lounges or for unique and stylish finishes for restaurants and clubs, NE Toilet Cubicles are the best toilet cubicle suppliers you’ll find.

A popular range of executive cubicles provided by NE Toilet Cubicles is the Warrior Plus range. These high standard commercial toilet cubicles are cost-effective and they’re built to last. While this design is not available for children’s toilet cubicles, they promise complete privacy for any person using them, with full-height panels and just a 50mm gap between the floor and the bottom of the panel. As of 2014, the Warrior Plus range is available to be ordered in a diverse selection of colours, including: Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Purple Cassis, Black Cocktail, Spearmint, Quartz, Rose Salsa, Grey Speckle, Red, Jade, Blue Paradiso and more.

On top of the Warrior Plus range, NE Toilet Cubicles offer the Summit range. This one is a visually stunning washroom cubicles solution, with curved aluminium pilasters and a radius-fronted headrail. It is available in various powder-coated finishes and, like the Warrior Plus range, there is the option of plenty of different colours to choose from. Practical and stylish, this one, along with the Ambassador range that has many similar qualities, is a popular range for those who want their washrooms to really impress and make an impact.

As toilet cubicle suppliers go, NE Toilet Cubicles has one of the best ranges for the best value in the country. The Fusion range is another of their offerings. This one includes commercial toilet cubicles that are perfect for installations in hotels, restaurants and clubs, making it a favourite choice for architects and interior designers looking to create a striking and individual look.

All of the designs and ranges available at NE toilet cubicles, including children’s toilet cubicles, shower cubicles and vanity units, are made with strong, sustainable materials that will make your commercial, privacy and executive washrooms look amazing. If you’re on the lookout for executive toilet cubicles, get in touch with a member of the NE Toilet Cubicles team today and get all the advice you need to find the perfect product for your washroom.