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Choose NY Timber to provide an environmentally-friendly solution for your Flooring and Doors

October 11, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

As suppliers of timber for all kinds of products regarding flooring and doors, it might be easy to jump to a conclusion that Yorkshire suppliers Flooring and Doors are having a negative effect on the environment. However, the North Yorkshire Timber group, which Flooring and Doors is part of, are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber suppliers. They may provide stunning Dennebos flooring and fantastic Roziere doors to many satisfied customers, but they are also committed to protecting the environment through a responsible purchasing policy.

Flooring and Doors only purchase their products, such as Wessex engineered flooring and Roziere doors, from suppliers who are registered to a recognised scheme or have an established certification to help protect the environment. These groups and certifications include FSC, PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FPCC (Forest Products Chain of Custody). The schemes are independently assessed by an accredited third party, so you can be sure that your Dennebos flooring from North Yorkshire Timber has done as little damage as possible to the environment.

One of the reputable companies that Flooring and Doors have always relied on and sourced their timber products from are Bergvist, a Swedish timber supplier that is PEFC registered. They have been supplying to NY Timber for over 30 years, allowing them to provide customers from all over the UK with Roziere doors and Wessex engineered flooring that has caused minimal harm to the earth and looks brilliant in their homes or commercial buildings.

There is a wide selection of products on offer at Flooring and Doors, ranging from Kahrs flooring to Dennebos flooring and from Sanrafael doors to Roziere doors. They are a leading company in their field, with a number of different showrooms scattered across the North East and North Yorkshire. Some of these showrooms are located in Northallerton, Ripon, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Darlington and North Shields. They are easily accessible with a host of friendly and helpful team members, so if you’re in need of some high quality hardwood Dennebos flooring or doors, NY Timber’s Flooring and Doors won’t let you down.

While they are committed to providing the best products for their customers, they will always understand the importance of preserving the world’s forests. There is still plenty of woodland out there, but the forests are still precious and far too many of them are being destroyed. This is why NY Timber always try to obtain their materials for Wessex engineered flooring from sustainable sources that help to preserve forests and wildlife.

Trusted timber companies and suppliers are given something called the ‘Chain of Custody’ status. NY Timber have been a ‘Chain of Custody’ company for more than five years now. They are not only specialists in oak doors and solid and engineered oak flooring, but they are determined to protect the environment as much as they can as well. They are constantly monitoring their purchasing policy and training all purchasing staff in ‘Chain of Custody’ compliances and requirements. If you buy Dennebos flooring from Flooring and Doors, you can rest assured your product has gone through a sustainable process and come from the best possible place.