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Creative and Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Cardboard Box

February 24, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

carboard-bird-house6Box Express are the cardboard box specialists who serve the nation with a swift, reliable and professional service, and are full of ideas of things to do with a cardboard box once it’s primary use has been exhausted.

They just love to hear ideas of things people do with the ones they sell after they’ve been uses for their original purpose. Once you have finished moving house you will feel awash with large boxes, extra-long boxes, corrugated boxes, in fact boxes of every kind. Maybe you’ll recycle some of them, or pass them on to a friend who has a box-related need, but how about getting creative with a few of them?

Get the Kids Involved

What are the best ways to combine getting children interested in nature, recycling and cardboard boxes at the same time?

How about helping them make birdhouses from cubed boxes then hanging them outside to see which birds they attract? This will give you and your children inspiration to watch the little fellows outside – hours of fun! Or if you don’t think your creations will withstand the weather, hang them inside your home for decoration – you can also make your own version of one of the birds you’ve spotted in your garden. There’s a great blog post on constructing Cardboard Bird Boxes by Wonderful DIY if you’re unsure where to start – http://wonderfuldiy.com/wonderful-diy-carboard-bird-house/.

This sounds like the sort of activity you would be invited to do at a National Trust craft day. Combine nature, spring and cardboard and give your children the chance to fill their days with eco-friendly fun as our gardens begin to burst back into life.

You could also use one of those left over boxes as a picnic hamper; if the box is a bit shabby from all its hard work, decorate it with stickers, wrapping paper or anything that the children fancy. But some boxes can just be admired for their honest brown-boxy beauty – fill your naked box with delicious treats, some cups and a thermos, take a rug from the car boot and sit in a lovely National Trust park and enjoy some quality time in the outdoors with your family.

Many of the packaging products and packing boxes at Box Express are large cardboard boxes partly made from recycled content, and are of course recyclable themselves. It is important to Box Express to consider their environmental impact in all they do so when they pack customers’ orders they try to minimise the outer packaging but are also careful to secure the products so they arrive safely.

So instead of throwing your old cardboard boxes away, get creative and have some fun with Box Express!