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EpiValence – At the Forefront of Technology

June 24, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

Technology is constantly evolving in the world today and keeping up with it is increasingly vital, especially for chemical companies working with a range of precursors servicing high tech industries. EpiValence is the country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced chemicals to service this market space, having in-depth experience working with zirconium ethylhexanoate (CAS 2233-42-3), lithium tetramethylheptaneionate (CAS 224411-13-0) and tantalum ethoxide (CAS 6074-84-6) among many other chemical products and precursors.

As a leading UK high tech chemical company, the EpiValence team constantly strive to be the most successful in their field – as well as providing a wide range of services to satisfied clients worldwide. EpiValence truly is right where it needs to be: at the forefront of technology.

Having more than 40 years of experience in working with precursors and specialising in the chemical sector, EpiValence are continually adapting to new technologies to exploit their expertise in the industry and deliver products and services that exceed customer expectations. Molecular design and chemical compatibility matching to bring clients the best possible results is something that the team at EpiValence have always been committed to, further reinforcing them as one of the most supportive chemical companies in this market area.

To strengthen their already outstanding collection of services, EpiValence work in collaboration with other partner companies and organisations searching for advanced chemical precursors and materials. This allows them to offer a wide range of products and services, from research and development right through to pilot scale or full scale manufacture, always meeting clients’ needs and preparing for advances in the future.

As a reliable supplier of precursors, EpiValence specialise in compounds for Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Phase Deposition (MOCVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) as well as materials and precursors for a range of other solution-based thin film deposition technologies. Providing techniques such as MOCVD, ALD and CVD precursors, EpiValence ensures that a wide range of chemicals for different elements are covered by the business, meeting customer needs and enhancing their reputation as a leading chemical company.

To be on top of new technologies is of the utmost importance in the chemical industry, and EpiValence are committed to never letting their high standards slip. Providing speciality chemicals for electronics (ALD/CVD/MOCVD precursors), high purity halides, solution-based products for flexible electronics and speciality gases to name a few, it is no surprise that EpiValence have a reputation as one of the most professional chemical companies of its kind.

Specialising in compounds such as zirconium ethylhexanoate (2233-42-3), lithium tetramethylheptaneionate (224411-13-0) and tantalum ethoxide (6074-84-6), EpiValence offer an exceptionally wide range of knowledge and skill in their field. A member of the team will be happy to talk you through their processes and safety procedures as well as any new technologies you may have queries about, so give them a call or an e-mail today. Alternatively, to find out more about the range of chemical products, precursors and services they have to offer, please visit the EpiValence website.