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EpiValence – The country’s best provider of novel chemistry for the electronics industry and beyond

May 20, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

With over 40 years of experience in the chemical sector, the team at EpiValence are specialists in design and fabrication of compounds for a huge variation of different purposes. With the ability to develop, manufacture and supply innovative molecules and formulations that enable end-user process innovations to be realised, EpiValence are leaders in their field and one of the best chemical companies in the whole of the UK.

EpiValence offer a core series of chemicals particularly suited to vapour phase deposition techniques, namely MOCVD, ALD and CVD precursors. Their in-depth knowledge of the topic makes the company stand out from other chemical service companies and the customer reputation that has been established since their incorporation is outstanding.

Some of the more specific and contemporary services EpiValence supply are solution-based products and precursors for flexible electronics. As technology is constantly advancing, it is important that EpiValence’s professionals always keep up to date with the newest trends and techniques for chemical synthesis and purification. This is achieved via an active research team that is highly collaborative with both industry and academic partners.

Two products that EpiValence offer that can be employed in a wide range of applications are Zirconium ethylhexanoate (2233-42-3) and Tantalum ethoxide (6074-84-6). There are several ways in which these two precursors can be of use. For example, Zirconium ethylhexanoate can be employed in areas such as display and imaging, healthcare and biochemical and energy conversion and storage services. Tantalum ethoxide’s usage areas, however, include nano-materials and thin films, catalysis and synthesis, hybrid and disperse materials, optics and glasses, healthcare and biochemical, sensor and energy conversion and storage.

Printed electronics (PE) is another modern technology field that EpiValence specialises in. PE uses conductive inks and ink formulations across a range of printing platforms to produce products that are functional, flexible, thin film electronic devices. EpiValence’s staff are fully-trained in this sector as well as many others involving electronic materials. Typical printing techniques (ink jet, roll-to-roll, screen and gravure) can be used instead of other, more complex deposition techniques to produce devices more cheaply as an enabling technology for next generation consumer and industry applications.

As well as speciality chemicals for electronics, EpiValence are also experts in high performance vessels, and as something that’s such an essential part of the supply of high-purity chemicals to the electronics industry, the best high-quality vessels are in high demand.

Whether EpiValence are working with an existing vessel design requirement or something completely new and innovative, their team of specialists will provide the most professional service that any chemical company could offer. More often than not, the actual design of the vessel and its tolerances are as critical as the chemicals that will be inside it. To ensure our customers the best possible results, EpiValence have partnered with a long established and trusted manufacturer, who is a world leader in the supply of bubblers to the semiconductor industry for ALD and MOCVD applications.

An aspect of manufacturing speciality chemicals providing high quality services to clients that EpiValence never forget to consider is safety. It is their firm commitment to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of the EpiValence employees and contractors, especially when working with hazardous chemicals. The team make sure preventive maintenance scheduling and implementation for critical operations and systems are always focused on and there is overall safety awareness training for all individuals who participate in any activity at EpiValence’s facility.

If you require a professional company who are experienced in design and manufacture of high purity speciality chemicals for use in a wide variety of electronic applications, EpiValence provide the best chemical products, precursors and related supply services in the UK. With only the highest standards of products and precursors, expertise and service, they’re the most reliable company to go with in the UK. For more information or to contact the team and see how EpiValence can help you with any of your chemical requirements, please visit: http://epivalence.com/.