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For Thrill-seeking Fun, Head to Lightwater Valley!

February 17, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

LogoLightwater Valley is a top attraction, full of the best theme park rides and exciting times!

Do you have the nerves to face up to the ultimate adventure? Propel yourself to dizzy heights while soaring through the skies on Skyrider.

Two wild rides go hand in hand, in a thrilling instalment of fun! First try The Eagle’s Claw for an insanely extreme ride, before rising high into the tree tops on The Twister!

The Ultimate really lives up to its name as the ultimate in rollercoaster adventures! Fly through the trees for 1.5 miles in a whirlwind lasting more than 7 minutes – still the longest rollercoaster in Europe!

Head underground to the Raptor Attack’s Abandoned Mineshaft for a deeply dark and fun experience!

The Black Widow’s Web is not for the faint hearted! This all-time classic has been alluring people into the trap for some time, as one of the park’s most popular rides since 2001!

Skull Rock is nestled deeply within Skeleton Cove and takes you on rough voyage on stormy seas, through dipping and rising coves.

After all that fun, make a splash and cool off in the Wild River Rapids – fun for all the family! This ride is made of two halves, elevated turns 40 feet above and rough seas below! Slip and slide as your boat spins 180-degrees and drops into a 360-degree elevated spiral. You get faster and faster before the plummeting fall.

So much to see and do and so little time! Our website gives top tips on enjoying your day and making the most out of your time. Head over to the website to plan your visit, or book online in advance and you can take advantage of 30% discount.

For wild times on wilder rides, visit Lightwater Valley this summer. For news and offers like the Lightwater Valley page on Facebook and follow @LightwaterV on Twitter!

Check out the Lightwater Valley competition on Facebook for a chance to win a season ticket for 4 worth £255.60! It’s easy – all you need to do is describe in three words the excitement you feel on the way to Lightwater Valley Theme Park. We’ll choose the most excited visitor on 31st January!