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NE Toilet Cubicles offer a wide range of smart and colourful Children’s Toilet Facilities

September 21, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

If you’re looking for a company to install bright and practical children’s toilet cubicles in your building, NE Toilet Cubicles might just be the perfect business to go to. As well as providing a wide range of colours and styles, all of their commercial toilet cubicles are fit with the highest quality materials and are made easy to use for people of all ages. With a tonne of experience and an eye for perfectionism, NE Toilet Cubicles are arguably one of the best children’s toilet cubicle suppliers in the country.

The team at NE Toilet Cubicles are knowledgeable and dedicated, giving you all the advice you’ll need to get the most convenient washroom cubicles for your needs. They offer a variety of designs that are suited to all children, from block primary colours to fun jungle animals and pretty princesses in castles, so when you’re picking out your children’s toilet cubicles, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Not to mention, the staff at NE Toilet Cubicles can advise you on the more technical side of things, like the layout of your space and placement of the washroom cubicles.

The two main ranges available for children’s toilet cubicles are called the Inspiration Range and the Cosmic Range. Both of these are designed not only to be fun, but to maintain privacy and safety whilst still allowing adult supervision if needed. The Inspiration Range offers washroom cubicles with an upwards curve along the top of the doors and the Cosmic Range offers similar children’s commercial toilet cubicles, but with an arched doorway instead of a curved one. You can find more details on the ranges available at: http://www.netoiletcubicles.co.uk/products/Toilet%20Cubicles/37.

While it’s great to have fun toilet cubicle designs for all children, it is especially important to have well-presented washroom cubicles for younger children who may still be getting used to going to the toilet unsupervised. If the facilities they are using are old or dull, they may be less inclined to go to them than if they are brightly coloured or showing their favourite cartoon jungle animals.

With this in mind, NE Toilet Cubicles are the perfect toilet cubicle suppliers for places like nurseries and schools. They can supply any number of cubicles and vanity units with the ideal colours and finish for the organisation they’re supplying for. Along with schools, these units could be fantastic for places like community centres and swimming baths – places where children would go with their parents but want that little bit of independence as they’re getting older.

The NE Toilet Cubicles team offer unbeatable prices and they would be more than happy to discuss any of your requirements for children’s toilet cubicles. Just visit their website – www.netoiletcubicles.co.uk – where you can find all the relevant contact details, along with information on NE Toilet Cubicles’ products and services. They really are one of the most professional and trustworthy toilet cubicle suppliers in the business.