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Panasonic from Main-Tel

June 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

For over 30 years now, Main-Tel have been in the business of offering their clients all the best solutions when it comes to telecoms Newcastle. As one of the most reliable telecommunications contractors in the North East, Main- Tel can offer fantastic rates and services to clients throughout the UK, whether this is through telephone line rentals or telephone system installation.

With any business, communications are always a vital factor and Main-Tel understand just how much you rely on quality communication to ensure an effective relationship with clients. With systems available from some of the best telecommunications manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Main-Tel can guarantee fantastic business services at the best possible prices, with the inclusion of telecommunications engineers who can ensure that your telecoms are running smoothly. Currently, Main-Tel have a range of Panasonic models on offer, which can be perfect for any small or large business communications.

Any Panasonic model can be configured to suit the personal needs of your business. Using a combination of IP, traditional and digital handsets, these can be used for a range of ventures, including mobile business communications, with added options such as integrated voicemail and remote working via VOIP business telephone systems. With Panasonic systems from Main-Tel, you can be confident in the idea that your business will be properly equipped with the correct telecommunications systems in order to handle regular and consistent growth and expansion. Through the convergence of different IP technologies, you will be able to benefit from a range of features through one simple to use model, as opposed to a number of different systems.

For example, Panasonic’s exclusive call management software allows you to directly monitor your own system and calculate just how effective it is for your business. This puts you in control, and also helps with any costing issues that you may have. This can analyse data from a range of departments and lines, and gives you clear, effective results from the start. As well as this, you can also take advantage from Panasonic voice recording solutions and computer technology integration, as well as having Panasonic engineers to hand if any issues arise.

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Content Supplied by Emma Bolland