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Providing chemical solutions to the UK and beyond

July 21, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

Whether you need chemical solutions for commercial purposes, smaller-scale projects or you simply need some advice in the speciality chemical sector, EpiValence is the best of all chemical companies in the UK to go to. They manufacture over 150 compounds of 43 elements from the periodic table, producing high quality precursors for a wide range of satisfied customers across the world.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to the team at EpiValence, and they pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of the development of precursors including, but not limited to, tantalum ethoxide (6074-84-6), Zirconium ethylhexanoate (2233-42-3) and Lithium tetramethylheptaneionate (2244-13-0). Whatever your requirements, EpiValence have the expertise and fantastic customer service skills to fulfil your needs and exceed expectations.

As a registered ISO9001 and ISO14001 company, EpiValence is one of the most trusted chemical companies to provide you the most effective and reliable service in the UK. The technical team at EpiValence have the capability to work on projects of all scales, so no matter what customers are looking for, they can be confident that EpiValence will achieve the best results.

Naturally, EpiValence are always looking to the future of the chemical field. As chemical companies are moving at such a fast pace due to the constant movement of technology, it is important that the team are always educated to keep them at the forefront of their field. While they work with niche chemicals such as tantalum ethoxide (6074-84-6) and Zirconium ethylhexanoate (2233-42-3), they strive to be the first to carry out new processes and use new precursors in the rapidly evolving market of chemical electronics as well.

As well as using their own expert knowledge, EpiValence are open to collaborations to further extend their abilities and to network in the field of chemical companies. One of these collaborations is called the Infinity Project, a three-year research programme bringing together European experts from all aspects of the fabrication supply chain. As one of the most trusted chemical companies, EpiValence develop novel materials and formulations to enable printing of films and tracks that can be processed to yield transparent conducting layers and patterned structures directly.

This is just one project for which EpiValence have shared their knowledge in the development of specific precursors. Their expertise using tantalum ethoxide (6074-84-6), Zirconium ethylhexanoate (2233-42-3) and Lithium tetramethylheptaneionate (2244-13-0) makes them perfect for many projects across the scale and both in and out of the UK.

EpiValence have more than 40 years of experience in the chemical sector, making them capable of developing, manufacturing and supplying innovative molecules and precursors that enable end-user process innovations to be realised. Their perfectionism and extensive knowledge make them one of the most thriving chemical companies the UK has ever had.