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Soundproofing Made Easy with PhoneStar

February 17, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

Have you got problems with excessive noise pollution in your home? New builds and smaller homes often suffer from increased sound levels due to their style of construction, a problem which can leave many frustrated, irritated, and in some cases, instil the want to move house.

What many don’t realise is that there are solutions out there which can help, without you having to take drastic (and often expensive) measures. PhoneStar, available from leading stockist Acara Concepts, is a versatile, high performance acoustic insulation material that is easy to install, exceeds the Building Regulations for Sound in the UK and Ireland.

PhoneStar is constructed using only natural and breathable soundproofing materials, and is ideal for reducing impact noise and airborne noise in new builds, conversions and refurbishments due to being just 15mm thick..

When it comes to soundproofing walls, PhoneStar adds thermal mass to a structure, which can even contribute to heat storage similar to wood fibre products. This means that underfloor heating works really well with PhoneStar when soundproofing floors because the PhoneStar stores the heat for longer and also spreads the heat very evenly.

If you are already clued up as to how to soundproof a room, then you’ll know that by installing sound absorption, you’ll not only be privy to less noise and a reduction in echo in the room that you are in.

PhoneStar reduces impact sound by 21dB (on an industry concrete floor), which is a huge difference in sound insulation levels. Impact insulation has been seen to improve by a further 3dB when a hard surface is fitted on top of Phonestar. Airborne sound insulation is immediately improved, which is why PhoneStar is incredibly popular for soundproofing Ireland.

Based in the UK? Not to worry, Acara Concepts also offer soundproofing London, and you can find details of both products and contact information at www.acaraconcepts.com.