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The History of Tower Bridge

September 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

When it comes to historic bridges London, Tower Bridge is probably the first that comes to mind. It was built 120 years ago to help ease traffic congestion problems in London, all the while maintaining river access to the docks. Since, it has gained a reputation as the most famous bridge London and is one of the must-see landmarks in London for tourists visiting the city from all over the world.

It took no less than eight years and 432 construction workers per day to complete the building of Tower Bridge. Its impressive moveable roadways are still considered an engineering feat, making it one of the most popular bridges in London to go and see – especially if you catch it on a day when the bridge is lifting. As well as being one of the most famous landmarks in London, Tower Bridge is one of the most instantly recognisable bridges in the entire world, sitting amongst others like Golden Gate Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The most famous bridge London, Tower Bridge, is made up of two massive piers and more than 11,000 tonnes of steel, making up the framework for the towers that stand either side of the river and for the walkway that joins them. This construction is especially impressive when you take into consideration the time it was built, making it one of the most striking and popular bridges in London. There are many historic bridges London up and down the Thames, but none quite as remarkable as Tower Bridge.

Although it is one of the most popular bridges in London, there’s been some drama at Tower Bridge over the many years since it was built. A London bus actually had to leap from one bascule to the other in 1952 when they began to rise with the number 78 bus still on it. Nevertheless, more than a century after Tower Bridge was constructed, it stands today as one of the strongest historic bridges London.

The story of Tower Bridge dates back to 1876 when ideas for the structure were first generated, and it has been told via the Tower Bridge Exhibition since 1982. As one of the most popular bridges in London, people don’t just want to see the bridge – they want to learn about it as well. The Tower Bridge Exhibition tells the whole tale in a way that’s fun and insightful for visitors of all ages. Whether tourists would like to visit Tower Bridge’s Victorian Engine Rooms or see the amazing new glass floor walkway, they’ll have a great day out at one of the most iconic landmarks in London.

The views from the newly opened glass walkways in the high level walkways at Tower Bridge are simply breath taking. If you’re afraid of heights, the glass walkway on this famous bridge London may not be for you – but if you’d like to see phenomenal views of our beautiful capital city, there’s no better place to go. There are many historic bridges London, but not so many giving viewing opportunities like this one.

A trip to Tower Bridge is a must when you’re visiting London, whether you sail by it on a Thames river cruise or go exploring in the Tower Bridge Exhibition. Visit the Tower Bridge website today to learn more about the fascinating history of one of the most famous landmarks in London and to plan your visit to Tower Bridge.