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Visit Tower Bridge today

June 27, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

If you’re looking for things to do in London for the family this summer, look no further than the Tower Bridge exhibition, a magnificent spectacle that greets hundreds of thousands of visitors that flock to see the most famous bridge in London every year.

Out of all the exhibits that can be accessed through Tower Bridge, one of the most exciting is the glass floor walkway, which was installed in 2014 and remains as one of the biggest construction projects that has been undertaken since the bridge was first built in the 1890s. Made entirely from 11-metre-wide glass panels that weigh around 530kg each, the installation was by no means an easy feat, and took an expert team of 20 workers to construct the whole thing.

Now, you can see one of London’s top tourist attractions on a whole new level. Allowing access to a variety of unique viewpoints in London, the floor stands 42 metres above the river Thames and grants visitors the exclusive opportunity to see above the bascules as they are raised throughout the day. To complement this, smart phone users can also access the ‘Raise Tower Bridge’ app, where you will be able to view a 360° panoramic video of the bridge being raised.

As well as that, you will also be able to visit the historic engine rooms that tell the story of Tower Bridge and how it has been operating since its opening in 1894. From there, you can ascend the stunning original Victorian staircase to the North tower, which offers beautiful views from the walkway, such as St. Pauls Cathedral and Canary Wharf, as well as the Monument, an architectural masterpiece that commemorates the Great Fire of London that devastated the city in the 1860s. Here, you can also enjoy the renewed ‘Great Bridges of the World’ display, which documents 40 amazing feats of engineering.

As you move through the exhibition to the South Tower, you can view a video by illustrator Stephen Bietsy, a bespoke piece showing the construction of the bridge itself. This leads to the ‘Battersea to Bermondsey’ exhibition, a dazzling LED- lit motion sensitive artistic piece that characterises a variety of iconic buildings that can be viewed along the Thames.

For more information on visiting one of the most architecturally complex and remarkable landmarks in London and to find out more about other historic places to visit, please visit the website at http://www.towerbridge.org.uk.