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Waterless urinals will not only help the environment – they’ll help your finances too

November 14, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

There are many positive outcomes when you change your washroom’s standard urinals to waterless urinals. While waterless urinals have an incredible effect on the environment and could potentially save our country millions of litres of water per year, they are also a great way to help save money for your business. If you choose to get your waterless urinals UK installed with Eco Ad, you’ll not only save money on thousands of litres of water but you’ll create extra revenue for your business through the advertising spots as well.

Each time someone uses Eco Ad water free urinals, they will spend approximately 30-50 seconds of their time stood there, and therefore the adverts have the user’s undivided attention for a longer-than-average time for a printed ad. This means that people are more likely to actually think about them and then remember about them afterwards than if, for example, they just glanced at a poster on a wall as they walked by. If you were to advertise on with Eco Ad, they would manage the advertising space on your waterless urinals and pay back a percentage of the revenue to you. By utilising the advertising scape, Eco Ad are able to offer a speedy payback period and a high return on investment.

Water rates differ around the country, so waterless urinals UK will save different corporations different amounts of money, as well as making them extra revenue from the advertising spaces. If you are in a place in the country where the water rates are the cheapest, you will save an average of £1.80 per m3 by making the change to water free urinals. If you are in the most expensive place in the country for water costs, you could be saving approximately £5.55 per m3 by using waterless urinals. It may not seem a high amount to start with, but if you consider that every flush uses between one and three gallons of water, you will be making a massive saving for your business.

While many companies won’t have thought about the benefits of waterless urinals, some of the UK’s largest organisations have already got on board with this new phenomenon. McDonalds, for example, have waterless urinals UK installed in more than 750 of their restaurants. If more businesses followed suit, the rise of waterless urinals could have a major impact on Britain’s water, conserving thousands of litres per year. Statistics predict that by 2050, we will have a 40% water shortage, so we need to make a stand and start saving all the water we can – it might seem like a big change to make, but water free urinals are a great place to start.

If you would like any more information about waterless urinals, contact Eco Ad today and discuss how you can make the change, saving more water for the country and generating more revenue for yourself through advertising. Alternatively, take a look at their website where you can find more information about waterless urinals UK.