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Why Miami?

April 1, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

The sunny beachside city of Miami is fast becoming one of the United States’ hottest spots for real estate investment; indeed, Miami has recently been named by Christie’s as one of the top three cities in the world to invest in property.

Development in Miami is on the rise, with over 20,000 new apartments being built over the last decade, as well as a number of new cultural attractions, restaurants and hotels – there’s even a new contemporary art gallery coming in 2017.

Investment interest in Miami is also growing at a rapid rate; the city currently attracts some of America’s largest influxes of investment funds from abroad. Foreign investment in Miami is also supported by a multitude of foreign banks holding branches within its limits, helping to make investments from overseas easier and more secure.

Miami also happens to be America’s second most visited city after New York, with 45% of its visitors coming from abroad. The popularity of Miami as a tourist destination is actually on the rise: 2012-2013 alone saw a 15% increase in the number of people that visited Miami. Boat shows, music festivals, and art exhibitions mean that Miami’s tourism is likely to continue its upward trajectory – during the Art Basel fair in 2014, for example, Miami airport reportedly had more than 200 private jets on the runway, giving you an idea of the kind of wealth the city attracts.

Settling in Miami is also becoming a popular option. The Miami-Dade County receives almost 35 000 new inhabitants per year, attracted there by the high quality of life and relatively low cost of living. This means that new residential developments are always in the works, providing more and more opportunities for real estate investment. Transport links connecting the various up-and-coming areas are also being developed, allowing for a more attractive commuter lifestyle.

The combination of investment and global appeal led to Miami being ranked as the world’s fifth wealthiest city in 2009 by UBS Bank. The city is now one of America’s most well-regarded business hubs, as well as being a prominent business centre for companies from Latin America.

Miami is on the up-and-up: a city of business, culture, tourism and wall-to-wall sunshine. With all that in mind, the reasons for investing are clear.

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