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Why should I choose to sell at a property auction online?

June 22, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising News

If you’re looking to sell a property in the North East, dealing through an auction could be a really worthwhile option to consider. There are a wide range of property auctions Teesside to get involved in as well as other property auctions Cleveland. These days though, as with most events, there are even more options – more technologically advanced options. You can now sell property at any of Auction House North East’s events via the internet, meaning if for any reason you can’t physically attend a property auction Teesside or property auction Middlesbrough, you can be there in spirit and be in with just as much chance of making your perfect sale online.

This new movement is all down to Auction House now pioneering an online property auction facility, which is great for sellers as it charges a buyer’s premium rather than a seller’s fee, making it one of the best, most hassle-free ways to sell your property. This new alternative to traditional auctioneering, applied to many property auctions Teesside and the surrounding areas, is efficient, practical and can lead to a sale time of just 60 days.

Whether you’re attending a property auction Newcastle, a property auction Middlesbrough or a property auction anywhere else in the North East, your sale will be made easier with Auction House. Their process at auctions is quick and simple, running over a fixed time period – usually 21 days including time for marketing and open house viewings. At property auctions Cleveland, when the highest bidder has won and is settled to buy, they have 28 days to exchange contracts with you and then a further 28 days prior to that for completion. Auctions in this region, from property auctions Teesside to property auctions Newcastle, are there to provide you with the speediest sale you could hope for.

Another great aspect of selling online with Auction House North East is that the region actually is very wonderful. It’s got a perfect balance of scenic countryside and coastlines and thriving city centres that are bustling with friendly people. If you’re selling at a property auction Newcastle, for example, you have the advantages of one of the liveliest and most exciting cities in the country on your side. If you’re selling at a property auction Teesside, you will not only be selling your house but selling the area – your buyer will be right on the doorstep of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and just by the River Tees. The North East is an amazing place to live, and with the right method of selling, you’ll sell your house for your perfect price at a property auction Teesside in no time.

If you’re still unsure about the concept of selling online at one of Auction House North East’s property auctions Cleveland, there are some more points to take into account. You can sell all types of property online at a property auction Teesside or any other Auction House event, including residential properties of conventional construction that are eligible for mortgage, such as houses, flats and bungalows – this means a wide range of properties are covered, attracting more buyers to the auctions, giving you even more chance of making a great sale.

Furthermore, if you sell a property online with Auction House North East through a property auction Cleveland, property auction Newcastle or any of the surrounding areas, your property will be advertised online on property websites, including the Auction House site and portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Auction House also have a targeted database of interested buyers based all over the country that your property will be promoted out to.

On top of this promotion, auctions are a fantastic method of selling due to their competitive nature during the bidding stage. Prospective buyers get really involved during property auctions Cleveland, helping you to achieve the very best price for your property. All in all, if you haven’t considered taking part in a property auction with Auction House – whether you attend in person or sell online – you really should give it a go. From property auctions Newcastle to property auctions Teesside, there are buyers all over the North East for you – you just need to make the first move in listing your property and the rest can unfold from there with Auction House.