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Remove your article from Advertising Directory. If you need to remove your article or blog please let us know by filling the form below. We charge £10 to remove the article.

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Editor your articles on Advertising Directory. If you need to edit your article or blog please let us know by filling the form below.

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Add your article or blog post to our website Advertising Directory for free RULES FOR SUBMISSION Only one article per day from one domain name. This is British website, articles must be in British English. Two links in your content. We do not expect forecast or growth articles. Post Title* Post Body*Post Tags* Post Category*Advertising NewsBroadcast AdvertisingGuerrilla AdvertisingMobile AdvertisingOnline AdvertisingOutdoor AdvertisingPrint AdvertisingRules of submission*TITLE OF ARTICLES No CAPs. No domain names in the title. The title must be in British English. No product serial numbers or product numbers Long title, if you make the title massive, we just edit it short. Title needs to readable Title needs to start with capital letter BODY OF ARTICLE No CAPs. The body of the article must be in British English. (this is British website). No company address on articles, email or telephone numbers, this is an Article site. Articles need to look and feel like an article not cut and paste content. LANGUAGE IN ARTICLES We only allow British English articles OFFENSIVE ARTICLES Any offensive articles are not allowed. BUY FACEBOOK AND TWITTER LIKES BLOGS We will not allow any buy Facebook likes or buying twitter likes articles, and these will be removed. REPEAT SUBMISSION If you repeat the article in one day, it just deleted only one article per day on the same subject. We pick one article and delete the others. IMAGES We will...

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Advertising Photographer London

Commercial photography is an essential branch of professional photography, involving taking pictures for business purposes, including product placement, adverts, merchandising and so on. It is worth knowing commercial photography can be utilised in menus in restaurants and cafes, corporate brochures, leaflets and other applications where the photos are used for enhancing the text. In other words, commercial photography is mainly utilised for promoting a service or a product in a professional manner. On the market, there are available plenty of retail and advertising photographers providing excellent services and given that, it is recommendable to research before hiring one. Iain...

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Help of Advertising Agencies

As you may know, there are various ways in which you could promote your business in the online environment and get the attention of your target audience. However, if you would like to ensure that you give your company a real chance, you might want to benefit from the IT consulting services provided by advertising agencies that specialise in more than just online advertising. This means that you should be looking for a company that can provide web design, software development and a variety of marketing solutions to other businesses. One of the many reasons why you should want...

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